Netflix freezes on ps3

1. března 2012 v 14:59

My Sony PS3 Freezes While Streaming Netflix. The Netflix application lets PlayStation 3 owners stream movies and television shows directly to their television through their PS3 .
Streaming movies through Netflix keeps causing my PS3 to freeze. I can watch Netflix freezes on ps3 the first minute or so of the movie, but then it freezes, and I have to unplug my PS3 .
Since the last Netflix upgrade on the PS3, Netflix ALWAYs freezes after a movie/show ends or we hit the circle button to exit. We then have to hit the
Just got the new disk-free Netflix and it only seems to work for about 30 minutes before my PS3 freezes. My PS3 doesn't freeze when playing games offline (never played online).
when I finish watching something and it goes back to the screen that asks me if I want to go to the next episode it freezes and I have to restart Netflix freezes on ps3 Netflix. is this possibly .
PS3 black screen and freeze with Netflix, Hulu plus, and Home
I watch netflix on my PS3, Macbook Pro and iPad without any issues. It freezes after about 2 to 3 minutes. I'm connected to the Internet via Comcast Cable.
Samsung Netflix Stream Freezes. Posted by Gilbert Douglas on December 1, 2009 at 5:52pm in . stream is a disaster with the Samsung player. Netflix freezes on ps3 I far prefer using the PS3 for Netflix .
. PS3 requires that you have an active Internet connection and the Netflix access disc or app for your PS3. Some users experience

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