geico i love you

1. března 2012 v 14:22

yo guys you 2 are geniouses i seriously love how you remixed Rockwells song and everytime i see the geico commercials and i hear the song i wanna jam to it good thing i got the .
lol Trixie is all excited about GEICO insurance, and Speed's face is hilarious lol. I love you Veronica! xD (now my fav commercial)
What do you like most about being a GFR? I have been in the South Florida . No two days are the same
The bottom line though is, love it or hate it, you remember it! And that
This is a Geico Commercial . Clear all videos from this list
I love the interaction that I have with our customers. And, of course . I like working for a company that compensates and motivates you to work hard. That's exactly what GEICO does.
I like them, i think there awesome, esp the caveman one. Funny stuff!
Hey Geico. Bring back the gecko commercials!! We love them, and the ones you are showing now can't compare with our cute little gecko!! We want him back!!
Geico dog saying i love you, Welfil-201 , Folle a mi madre
i love you .

geico i love you

has reduced itself to enabling animal abuse at rodeos. If you care about animals, please cancel your GEICO .
I can't begin to tell you how many years I've had Geico Insurance, but I love them! It terms of geico i love you Customer Service and quick response, I've found none better.
I love Geico and I rip up any junk mail insurance offers. no reason to change something . By switching to Geico, I am saving over $1400.00 a year!!!!! Thank you Geico, and bye .
Cheri Henderson

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